News for March 2010

Introducing: The Inspired Project Teams Coaching Guide!

Looking for a little inspiration and motivation for yourself and your project team members? The Inspired Project Teams Coaching Guide is a collection of 30 podcasts (over 5 hours of audio!), along with a 58-page project team leader’s Guide that contains hundreds of specific Challenges for you and your team.  Hundreds of hot links to online resources (just “click and go!”) are included in the Guide. Check it out!

Edited: March 7th, 2010

Interviewed on The Cranky Middle Manager Show re: Project Management Minimalism

The Cranky Middle Manager website features irreverent, practical, and often funny interviews in audio/podcast form with various management authors. I was fortunate enough to be Wayne’s latest subject. Check it out!

Here’s the lead-in from the website:

“Today Wayne Turmel visits Mike Greer, The Project Management Minimalist to uncover how much project management is just enough? Do we need big certifications? When does it help and when is it overkill?”

Thanks, Wayne!

Edited: March 7th, 2010