News for May 2010

Advanced Project Management Training: Focus on Local Complexity, not PM Esoterica

Let’s face it: Formal training for experienced project managers is expensive! In addition to the cost of the class and instructor, pulling these seasoned PM veterans away from their jobs can place the projects they are managing at risk. What’s more, when you multiply the class hours by the hourly labor rate of that group of high-value “trainees,” you are likely to find that your investment is huge! So, when you decide to provide an Advanced PM class, you need to make sure you are getting your money’s worth!  But how do you do that?  This article provides some perspective.


Edited: May 17th, 2010

Rework will happen! So don’t be ambushed. Build it in.

In my classes, I like to tell my students that stakeholders are like new puppies in the backyard:  They gotta mark their territory and leave their scent on everything they see! They need to make the project deliverables their own by adjusting them, changing them, reinterpreting them, and otherwise “branding” them with their own perspectives.


Edited: May 3rd, 2010