News for June 2011

June Issue of PM Minimalist Update Now Available

I just emailed my PM Minimalist Update to subscribers. Topics in this issue include:

  • PM Minimalist Book Now Supported by Scripted Meeting Guides & DVD!
  • Overview (w/video): The PM Minimalist Mentor: Scripted Coaching Tools to Guide Your Project Team
  • Overview (w/video): The Project Management Minimalist Video Series (DVD)
  • A New Favorite Minimalist Computer Tool: Jing (video/screen recorder)
  • Reminders, Resources, & Footnotes

Check it out here:

Subscribe today & get a Bonus zip file containing 15 PM articles or tools in PDF form (88-pages total!) plus a 37-minute PM podcast!

Edited: June 22nd, 2011

A PM Minimalist Best Practice: Meditate & REDUCE your tolerance to stress.

Sneak Peak: Meditate...

The fourth part of The Project Management Minimalist is titled “Taking Care of Yourself: Managing Your Priorities, Time, & Energy.” This part of the book is a collection of 14 of my favorite, short-and-sweet “best practices” that can help you  take charge of your priorities, better manage your time, and maintain your energy. After all, project management (even Minimalist PM) can be difficult and stressful. So why not do everything you can to maintain your edge? Below is one of the five best practices from the sub-section Understand and Manage Your Stress. Enjoy!


Edited: June 8th, 2011

Sneak Preview Video: The PM Minimalist Mentor (Scripted Coaching Tools for Teams)

Here’s a brief video preview of The PM Minimalist Mentor: Scripted Coaching Tools to Guide Your Project Teams. (This will be available mid-June and is a companion to The Project Management Minimalist book.)  Enjoy(Questions? email me at: )


(NOTE: Go to the link above or simply click the image below, then click the “full screen” icon to see everything more clearly.)

Edited: June 1st, 2011