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Edited: December 31st, 2011

My 10 Favorite PM Articles, Posts, or Videos from 2011

Mike Greer

Below are my “top 10” favorite items drawn from all the PM articles, blog posts, podcasts, and videos that I published on this website during 2011.  

Some of these items I believe are important and worth a second look. Others were merely fun or gratifying to create and I want to share them again before they disappear beneath 2012’s articles. I hope you like these or find something here that is thought-provoking. Enjoy!”

— Mike G. 


Edited: December 29th, 2011

Robert Kelly’s One Simple Thing: Roles & Responsibilities

Robert Kelly

(The following article is part of our One Simple Thing…to Improve Projects series. It was contributed by Robert Kelly. Robert is a Managing Partner of Kelly Project Solutions, Co-Founder of the #PMChat Community on Twitter, and author of his own blog Kelly’s Contemplation.

Robert is a certified PMP with over a decade of experience leading global projects at some of the largest financial services firms, the second largest PC manufacturer, and the largest provider of open source software. Robert can be found on Twitter at @rkelly976)


As I thought about Michael’s question “What’s one simple thing that can improve projects and/or project management?” I thought of communication, solid requirements, and value-added meetings.  Then I looked at what other folks were saying on the topic…. Andrew Budkiewicz mentioned a project management champion at the executive level, over at the #PMChat on LinkedIn Group.  Additionally, Kelly Kazimer and Lindsay Chaffee both provided some excellent posts on Time Valuation & Change Control, respectively.  After reviewing some of their insights and thinking more about some of the biggest headaches I have had to overcome, I finally settled on Roles & Responsibilities.  One thing is difficult!


Edited: December 20th, 2011

A Gift for You: A Free Project Management Book for Your Kindle, NOOK, iPad or Other Tablet / E-Reader

Image: PM Minimalist Quick Start Guide displayed on e-reader

Have you got a new Kindle, NOOK, iPad, or other e-Reader or tablet computer?

To help you celebrate that cool new toy, I’ve just prepared two new versions of  The PM Minimalist Quick Start Guide: a “mobi” version (used by Kindle readers) and an “epub” version (used by NOOK, iPad, & nearly all other e-readers/tablets).  And you can get them both for free!


Edited: December 19th, 2011

Michele McDonough’s One Simple Thing: Question the “Obvious”

Photo: Michele McDonough

Michele McDonough

(The following article is part of our One Simple Thing…to Improve Projects series. It was contributed by Michele McDonough. Michele has a background in education, project management and mathematics, and she is currently a contributing writer and editor to Bright Hub’s Business area. You can follow Michele and the rest of the Bright Hub Project Management team on Twitter at @BrightHub_PM or on Michele’s personal page on Google+.



Edited: December 14th, 2011

Luis Seabra Coelho’s One Simple Thing: Common Sense

Photo: Luis Seabra Coelho

Luis Seabra Coelho

(The following article is part of our One Simple Thing…to Improve Projects series. It was contributed by Luis Seabra Coelho.  Luis blogs about Project Management on Ah-Ha-Moments and he is particularly interested in the links between businesses and Project Management – and his blog reflects that. His professional career spanned over several industries ranging from banking to health care, mainly on the IT area. He is currently working for a procurement company that is part of a top Portuguese holding. 

Luis started his professional career as a Math graduate working on software development, then moved to IT and he was then just a step away from Project Management. So it was natural for him to get certifications like the Project Management Professional and business related post graduations. And all that helped to set up his most public work to date, the Ah-Ha-Moments blog. You can follow Luis’ Tweets at


“Common sense” was my immediate answer to Michael Greer when he first challenged me to answer this simple – but not easy to answer – question. This turned out a longer answer than the one Michael requested, so I adapted it to give you 2 options: you can read the bullets for the shorter version or the complete text for a more complete answer.


Edited: December 9th, 2011

Lindsay Chaffee’s One Simple Thing: Change Control

Photo: Lindsay Chaffee, PMP... aka @Project_Mom

Lindsay Chaffee, PMP... aka @Project_Mom

(The following article is part of our One Simple Thing…to Improve Projects series. It was contributed by Lindsay Chaffee, PMP. Lindsay is a certified Project Management Professional and lives in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. She is an avid skier and reader, as well as a loving wife and mother.  Lindsay works as an Implementations Project Manager for Innovest Systems, LLC, a financial technology firm that provides technology-driven solutions to trust and wealth management companies.

You can follow Lindsay on Twitter at @Project_Mom and learn more about Innovest Systems, LLC (@InnovestSystems) at )


Change is inevitable in projects. The word “change” can lead to misunderstandings, since it has so many meanings. However, the most common usage in projects refers to change as a change in scope. In this sense, scope change means a modification to the project’s original, agreed-upon scope and objectives in order to accommodate a need that was not originally defined.


Edited: December 4th, 2011