Using The PM Minimalist eBook on the iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, or NOOK

OK. So you’ve purchased The Project Management Minimalist... PDF eBook and you’ve downloaded it to you computer.  (Thank you!) Now how can you use it with your Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, NOOK? Below are links to resources that can help.

CAVEAT: I don’t own an Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, or Sony Reader. So I haven’t personally tried to move PDF documents (eBooks) to any of these devices from my computer. However, from what I’ve seen in the articles, tutorials, and videos below it looks like you’ll have no trouble getting The Project Management Minimalist eBook loaded onto any of them.

The Apple iPad

According to my research, you can load PDFs onto your iPad and read them using inexpensive third-party apps (99 cents, typically).  Here are some links that can guide you through the process:

[11/6/2010 update re: iPad & PDFs] I just came across this video from CNET. Intro material says: “The iPad reads PDFs nearly as well as it does EPUB files: graphics and text look good on the large iPad screen”  See the whole article and video here: How to Put PDFs on Your iPad (CNET) — ]

iPhone or iPod Touch

The Amazon Kindle

“Your Kindle DX can display PDF documents without losing the formatting of the original file.  Send PDF documents directly to your Kindle (via your @Kindle address) or drag and drop PDF files from your computer to your Kindle (when connected via USB). You can also magnify PDFs by viewing them in landscape mode.”

The Sony Reader

The Sony Reader reads PDF files in native Adobe PDF format.  Here’s Sony’s video tutorial:

A Couple of Videos I Found Interesting

All the media attention has been directed at Apple’s iPad. However, the videos below shed light on PDF reading alternatives you might want to consider. Namely, the Kindle, the Sony Reader, and even a netbook!

(6/17/- & 6/21/2010) Update re: NOOK by Barnes & Noble

[6/17] Since I published this post a few days ago, I have learned that you may directly load and read PDF files and eBooks using the Barnes & Noble NOOK ebook reader. This link takes you to a Barnes & Noble table that compares the nook to the Kindle: ]. And this link takes you to a CNET review:

[6/21]  This may be the beginning of the eBook reader price wars! Barnes & Noble just dropped their price to under $150 w/WiFi!!  See ZD Net Article:

How to load PDFs & more to your nook:  See Barnes & Noble Video, Sideloading content onto your NOOK —

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