Free Tool for Annotating The Project Management Minimalist & Other PDF Documents

My latest book, The Project Management Minimalist, is a PDF-formatted eBook.  This post is all about a powerful, free software tool that will help you get the most out of my new book or any other PDF-formatted document

Adobe’s PDF document format is everywhere! PDF stands for “Portable Document Format” and its used by publishers to distribute eBooks, user manuals, course study guides, and all sorts of documents. PDFs may be downloaded and displayed on computers, ebook readers, and many other hand-held devices.

Since most computers come with the free Adobe Reader software, almost everyone is able to view PDFs as soon as they turn on their device.  However, if you use Adobe’s free Reader software to view these documents, you won’t be able to make changes or annotations.

Enter Tracker Software’s amazing free software, PDF-XChange Viewer.

With this powerful software you can open any PDF file, view it, and make all sorts of annotations. You then can “save a copy” with your annotations in place and retrieve it later for further study.

Example: Using PDF XChange to annotate The Project Management Minimalist

Using PDF XChange to annotate The Project Management Minimalist

The screen shot above was taken when I used PDF XChange to open a page from my eBook, The Project Management Minimalist, and enter annotations. As you can see, I was able to add arrows, call-out boxes, plain text boxes and yellow highlighting to the document while I was viewing it. What’s more, using PDF-Exchange’s “typewriter” feature, I was able to enter text on the document, as though I was filling in blanks! Very cool, indeed!

This powerful free software is loaded with great features that are too numerous to mention here. Anyway, don’t take my word for it… download it yourself and start playing with it!

—————— 11/15/2010 UPDATE FOR MAC USERS ————

As of this date, PDF-Exchange is only for the PC. So, responding to inquiries from my ebook buyers who are Mac users, I did a quick search and came up with this info:

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