“Made In America” Sale: My Customized, On-Site PM Workshops, up to 33% Off!

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Are you building something new or providing services in the U.S.? Are you employing Americans and trying to grow your business? Then have I got a deal for you!

It’s this simple: We gotta get Americans back to work. And I want to support any business whose products or services are “Made in America.” That’s why I’m offering any of my customized, on-site project management (PM) workshops at a substantial discount to any organization that can make the “Made in America” claim.  Specifically, here’s the deal:

  • Schedule a single workshop: Get 25% off my regular price.
  • Schedule two or more workshops to run consecutively: Get 33% off my regular price.
  • [Southern California companies save even more: I can work with most companies in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas without incurring T&L expenses. Contact me for details.]


Because I remember the 1980s and ’90s. The high-tech start-ups, the entrepreneurial software creators, the internet services companies… these were my clients when I first began teaching PM. There was an energy and an excitement that made planning and teaching PM to these folks a real thrill. And it was an amazing feeling to help them grow their young businesses… to help them channel all that energy, all that creativity, and all that technical savvy into highly-focused projects that helped these young companies succeed!

And now I want to be part of helping America’s new, home-grown businesses succeed. If we’re going to rebuild our economy, everyone’s got to do their part. So, if you’re out there struggling to get that great new American product or service to market, I’m here for you! And I’m putting my money where my mouth is with these deep discounts!

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Learn more about my customized, “first do no harm” PM basics workshops that use your own, real-world projects to teach your folks project management. The focus is on practical, easy-to-use PM techniques applied to your own projects. Participants will take their fresh, new project plans straight from the classroom, back to their job site and “hit the ground running!”

To get the conversation started about how I can help, email me at: pm.minimalist@gmail.com

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