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Over the years I’ve come across zillions of great free PM tools, white papers, training items, and so on. Trouble is, they are often buried in out-of-the-way corners of the ‘net that make them tough to find when I want to share them with colleagues or PM newbies attending my classes. So I decided to collect links and brief descriptions of some of my favorite PM freebies here — all in one place — so they’d be easy for us all to find. At the same time, I’m hoping you’ll tell me about some of your favorite free PM items so I can include them here. (Click on the Suggestions tab at the PM Freebies Website.)

So far, there are over 25 items listed. But this list will grow quickly! I’ve divided the collection into these broad categories:

  • Articles & White Papers: Free articles, position papers, white papers, and other documents that shed light on various aspects of PM.
  • Podcasts/Webinars: Free podcasts and webinars that will help deepen your knowledge of PM.
  • Templates/Tools: Collections of free PM tools, templates, guidelines, etc. that can save you time planning and managing your projects.
  • Software: Free PM software products (downloadable and web-based) that can help project teams brainstorm, schedule, plan, and manage projects. (A couple of the tools listed are very simple to use and are designed to help virtual teams.)
  • Training: Live or recorded webinars, on-site training seminars, self-paced/self-study packages, video tutorials, and so on.

How do I decide which PM freebies to include? Here are the selection criteria I apply to every item listed:

  • Is it complete? (Does it seem to be a completely useful, fully-functioning item that stands alone?)
  • Is it valuable? … useful? … a source of enlightenment? … able to make the job of PM easier in some way?
  • Is it really free? (i.e., Will I actually be able to use it for a reasonable period of time without paying a fee?)
  • (optionally) Have any reviewers evaluated this item and concluded that it’s valuable?

If I can answer “Yes” to most of these questions, then I’ll publish my post about the item. To suggest a PM Freebie for the site, click on the Suggestions tab at the PM Freebies Website.

Posted: July 31st, 2011 under Announcements, Project Management.

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