The Origins of My PM Minimalism:

It’s Not Merely Simple-Minded… It’s About PM Essences

When you hear the word “minimalism,” do you think “simple-minded” or “superficial?” For me, the word “minimalism” is all about the essence… the critical core… that which matters most! ┬áThis nine-page PDF summarizes how the PM Minimalist concept evolved out of my own quest to “strip down” PM to its critical essences — to find those key tools and practices that provide “just enough” PM to help your project team succeed. (Also included: An “audit trail” of the two-tracked professional experiences that helped shape my PM Minimalist world view.)

Image: Cover of PDF "The Origins of My PM Minimalism..." & Image of Greer's odd dual career



Posted: October 30th, 2012 under Project Management.
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The Project Management Minimalist eBook