My 10 Favorite PM Articles, Posts, or Videos from 2011

Mike Greer

Below are my “top 10” favorite items drawn from all the PM articles, blog posts, podcasts, and videos that I published on this website during 2011.  

Some of these items I believe are important and worth a second look. Others were merely fun or gratifying to create and I want to share them again before they disappear beneath 2012’s articles. I hope you like these or find something here that is thought-provoking. Enjoy!”

— Mike G. 

  1. Do-It-Yourself PM Certification: How to Document Your Skills & Get the Credibility You’ve Earned without Jumping Through Someone Else’s Hoops

    This is flat-out the most controversial thing I have ever written!  This “do-it-yourself” guide shows you why you ought to consider disregarding such certifications as PMI’s PMP, Prince2, etc. and how you can systematically inventory your own PM skills and provide a defensible self-certification.

  2. Applying PM Minimalism: Manage Your Project with a One-Page Checklist!

    A simple guide to get you started managing your first project using the super-lean PM Minimalist approach. (Don’t be afraid. No truly important PM processes or principles were sacrificed in the creation of this Checklist!)

  3. The PM Minimalist “Cut the Fat” Audit: Part 1, The Sources of Project Management Bloat

    Find out why your PM processes have gained so much weight!

  4. The PM Minimalist “Cut the Fat” Audit: Part 2, A Project Management Weight Loss Strategy

    Follow these clear, specific steps to streamline your PM processes.

  5. Seven Benefits of Local PM Certification:  Why Pursuing Locally-Relevant PM Skills Makes More Sense Than Buying Generic, External PM Certifications 

    Yep. This builds on the theme introduced in item 1, above (Do It Yourself…). But this time I’m talking to HR & training folks who might think it’s easier to “buy” generic PM certifications for their people than it is to create a locally-relevant, company-specific PM certification process. In this article, I challenge them to rethink that assumption.  

  6. (5-min. video) Loops & Hoops & Waterfalls: A PM Minimalist Perspective on Agile, Scrum & … (Yada, Yada)

    A quick Google search will display HUNDREDS of lovely LOOPS AND HOOPS AND WATERFALLS presented as valid PM Life Cycles! Yikes! See for yourself! There are as many of these things as there are consultants and certification bodies to sell them!

  7. (5-min. video) A Zillion Project Management Models & Why You Should Build Another One!

    The title says it all… (Trust yourself: You already know what you need to know, grasshopper!)

  8. How to Use Your E-Reader (iPad, Kindle, NOOK, etc.) to Sharpen Your Web Presentations

    These days, project managers are often called upon to make web presentations. See why that new iPad, Kindle, NOOK or e-reader makes a great “cheat sheet” to help you polish your on-screen presence.

  9. Two New Videos: Quick Tours of This Website & My PM FREEBIES Website

    A couple of 5-minute video tours to help you find all the good stuff on this website (…PM Resources) and my new Project Management Freebies website.

  10. One Simple Thing… to Improve Projects & Project Management

This is the first in a series of articles that attempt to answer this question: “What’s one simple thing that can improve projects and/or project management?”  

Note: As of this date, seven smart, experienced PM folks have been kind enough to share their guest blog posts in response to this question. Click here to see the entire “One Simple Thing…” collection.



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