David Emerald’s One Simple Thing: Adopt a Creator Orientation

Photo: David Emerald, Creator of TED (The Empowerment Dynamic)

David Emerald, Creator of TED (The Empowerment Dynamic)

(The following article is part of our One Simple Thing…to Improve Projects series. It was contributed by David Emerald, the creator of TED — The Empowerment Dynamic.  David is the author of The Power of TED* book, an executive coach, and uplifting keynote speaker who lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and business partner, Donna.

In a nutshell, TED provides a framework for building better, more empowered relationships. The Power of TED materials, as well as David’s workshops, are both inspirational and practical!  TED enlightens and encourages those who practice it to reach new levels of collaboration.)  

[A personal note: “I’ve found that TED provides a unique framework to view and improve both my business and personal relationships. I was so excited to share TED’s potential for project teams that I created the blog post/podcast Shift from Drama to Empowerment. Thanks, David, for the wisdom & the inspiration!”  — Mike Greer]


My number one “simple thing” is to adopt a Creator Orientation.

Projects are put in place to create outcomes. However, in the process, problems are inevitably going to arise. When they do, they can easily pull us – individually and as a team – into what I call the Victim Orientation. In this mindset, which is often the “default” in organizations, we are problem-focused; anxiety-based and reactive.

By adopting a Creator Orientation, we stay focused on the outcome(s) we are creating; are passion-motivated; and take the baby steps necessary to accomplish the project.

Baby steps can include solving problems. However, rather than merely reacting to the “problem du jour,” we can identify, prioritize, and get to the root cause of those challenges that must be overcome to create the outcomes we envision.

To learn more about the Creator Orientation, check out the TED Tools section of the TED website


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