Really? My ID Project Management Book is a Collector’s Item??

So… Imagine My Surprise!

Every month or so someone emails me and asks where they can get a copy of my first book, ID [Instructional Development] Project Management: Tools and Techniques for Instructional Designers and Developers. I usually tell them that as far as I know the publisher has taken this book out of print. Then I explain that since that book’s publication in 1992, I’ve written & published 5 more PM books. And all of these are “agnostic” — designed to be used in any industry or any areas of specialization (including instructional design & development).  Then I simply recommend my latest book & support tools (The Project Management Minimalist) instead.

Recently, after another such request, I decided to do a quick search on Amazon and on eBay to see if any used copies are available. WHOA!! I learned that some enterprising folks have scooped up a few copies of my book (all apparently used) and are selling these at fairly high prices! As Homer Simpson might say, “DOH!! Can they do that?” (Well, of course they can… this is the land of free enterprise, after all, right?)

My Response to Overpriced Used Copies of My Book: A 20th Anniversary Auction!

Upon further reflection, I realize, “Hey, this is the 20th anniversary of this book’s publication. And, since I have a couple of original, mint, still-shrink-wrapped copies left, why not test the post-publication market through an online auction. And better yet… to irritate the exploiters who would sell marked-up, used copies for $200 – $300 and more… let’s price these mint copies (with my signature, letter of authentication, and other bonus goodies) below theirs and see what happens!

So if you know someone who might want one of these one-of-a-kind books, signed by me send them to my e-Bay auction here:

Truth is, I am becoming a bit of a geezer and could die any day now… That would really spike the price, right??

[Update: April 30, 2012: Well, the eBay auction has come and gone. But if you’re interested, I’ve made a couple of copies of this book available on Amazon.]


[For more about the evolution of my PM books & philosophy, see this related post:  My Incredible Shrinking PM Recommendations.]


P.S. — I am considering scanning the entire book and making it available as an e-book in several different formats. If you think this is a good idea, let me know. Email me at .


P.S.S. — I am selling a BUNCH of lovely vinyl albums (my personal LPs) on eBay. (I replaced them all with CDs/MP3s and want them to go to a good home where they’ll be appreciated.) To see everything that’s up for sale (and see my strange taste for music revealed) go to all my eBay auctions by clicking here.

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