My Teaching Assignment: Franklin University’s “IDPT 715: Managing Learning Projects & Relationships”

It’s official!  Starting January 7, I’ll be serving as an adjunct instructor for Franklin University‘s IDPT 715: Managing Learning Projects & Relationships. Franklin University Here’s the course overview from Franklin’s website:

“This course covers the elements that are essential to assuring the success of learning and performance projects including principles for managing relationships as well as project management tools and techniques. Students will study the principles of managing complex projects and teams to achieve results within project parameters in various organizational settings.”

As you can tell from the description, the course is customized to meet the PM needs of instructional designers/developers, as well as performance analysts. It’s part of Franklin’s M.S. in Instructional Design & Performance Technology (IDPT). The course will use a customized, logo-branded version of my book, The Project Management Minimalist, 2nd ed.

Franklin’s unique IDPT master’s program is made up of 11 courses that blend theory and practical application in order to help students apply cutting-edge knowledge to real-world problems in instructional design and performance technology. What’s more, the program is designed for busy professionals. Students can attend online or one-night-a-week classes and earn the degree in 24 months. Specifically, graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Conduct analyses to identify needs or opportunities for performance and learning improvement
  • Design and develop methods to solve performance and learning problems
  • Evaluate and manage performance and learning solutions and projects
  • Apply ethical standards and industry best practices
  • Integrate technologies into the learning process and performance environment to enhance learning, performance, and collaboration

As I’ve mentioned before, I began my professional life as an instructional designer/performance technologist and spent many years managing teams of contractors as we developed performance-based training and job aids to support new products that were rolled out by Xerox and other major corporations. My first PM book, ID Project Management: Tools & Techniques for Instructional Designers & Developers, was inspired by my years managing teams in this field.

A key value for ID/PT people is this: Provide “just enough” tools & training to enable success. In other words, these folks know the value of good, lean tools to support effective on-the-job performance. That’s why I’m particularly proud that Franklin’s team gave my PM Minimalist book their “thumbs up” as a collection of tools for this course and that they’ve given me the opportunity to both design and teach it! This oughta be fun!

This online course will run for 12 weeks starting January 7.


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