(Video) The Project Management Change Agent:

How to Lead Your PM Revolution

Is your organization ready for a project management (PM) revolution? 

More specifically:

  • Are your projects always running late, over budget, and plagued by “do overs?”
  • Do people hate working on your project teams and try to avoid being assigned to projects?
  • Are you continually reworking and reworking deliverables because you just can’t seem to get it right in the first place?

And if it is time for a PM revolution, then where should you begin?

This video is for everyone who wants to be the change agent who brings about a PM revolution in their organization. Whether you are a middle manager, HR professional, supervisor, or simply a task specialist who wants to conduct some “below the radar” guerrilla PM warfare, you can benefit from this video & the accompanying 25-page PDF (click here to download the PDF).  (Scroll down below the video image to see a complete outline of the topics covered.)

The Project Management Change Agent: How to Lead Your PM Revolution from the PM Minimalist

Specifically, the video covers these topics:

  • 5 Signs You’re Ready for a Project Management Revolution
  • 5 levels of PM Sophistication for an Organization
  • 5 Levels of PM Sophistication for Project Managers
  • 5 Levels of Sophistication Re: PM Training & Performance Support
  • The Arguments Against PM Change
  • The PM Revolution: Exploding Bombs and Growing Bougainvilleas
    • Some Powerful “PM Change” Bombs
    • 8 Change-Inducing PM Tools
    • 10 Stealthy, “Vining” PM Practices
  • What Absolutely Won’t Work
  • Bomb or Bougainvillea: Criteria for Success
  • The Role of PM Training and Certification (& Why Certification May Not Matter)
  • Start Your PM Revolution: 10 Steps
  • Resources That Can Help

DOWNLOAD THE 25-page PDF of key visuals from this video:


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