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"At this website you'll find info about my favorite project management (PM) resources, my products & services, and a "first-do-no-harm," no B.S., Minimalist approach to PM. To learn more, use the Navigation links (left), scroll through my latest blog posts below, or watch a video intro. Enjoy!" -- Mike G. The PM Minimalist Collection


My Teaching Assignment: Franklin University’s “IDPT 715: Managing Learning Projects & Relationships”

It’s official!  Starting January 7, I’ll be serving as an adjunct instructor for Franklin University‘s IDPT 715: Managing Learning Projects & Relationships. Franklin University Here’s the course overview from Franklin’s website:

“This course covers the elements that are essential to assuring the success of learning and viagra for women uk performance projects including principles for managing relationships as well as project management tools and techniques. Students will study the viagra on women research principles of managing complex projects and teams to achieve results within project parameters in various organizational settings.”

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The Project Manager’s Partner: Over a Decade Later It’s Still a Best Seller!

I just received the latest HRD Press catalog. (HRD Press is the premier publisher of training tools and references for human resources and development people.) I’m pleased — and pleasantly surprised — that more than a decade after its publication my book of PM tools, The Project Manager’s Partner, remains a bestseller in their extensive catalog. How cool is that?

For many years, I used the performance-based PM Partner to teach customized, on-site PM workshops in all sorts of organizations. In fact, it was in these workshops that my views on PM Minimalism began to take shape — mostly sparked by helping PM newbies apply PM tools and practices to their real-world projects.  So it’s great to see that the The Partner continues to live on and inspire others!

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August – November Issue of cialis canada prescription PM Minimalist Update Is Now Available

I just emailed my latest PM Minimalist Update to subscribers.  It’s loaded with articles, links, and more. Check it out here:

Highlights from this issue include links to 22 new articles & tools:

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5 Days, $5: Get the Full 132-Page Project Management Minimalist E-Book This “Black Friday” Week for Just 5 Bucks!


This Thanksgiving Week I’ve decided to join in all the “Black Friday” and “Pre-Black Friday” fun to offer you The Project Management Minimalist: Just Enough PM To Rock Your Projects e-book (password-protected PDF version) for JUST $5! 

This PM reference book has everything you need to organize your project, your team, and yourself. (Scroll down for video overview!)

PM Minimalist & Features for Teams

Buy It Now! 

This 5-day-only 50% Discount on the generic viagra uk PDF e-book Version is available only through the special “Buy Now” button below. (Normally $9.95, this special, 5-day-only deal: $5!!!)

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Prefer a No-Password-Required Version?

It’s just $19.95. Click the link below to purchase:

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Don’t want a PDF?

How about one of these other versions?

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Looking for more PM Minimalist Stuff? Check out the entire PM Minimalist Collection, including audios, videos, and scripted meeting/coaching guides.  Click the image below:

Go to overview of The Project Management Minimalist Collection

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PM Minimalism, Agile, Scrum, & Waterfall: Who’s On First?

In my last post, “The Origins of My PM Minimalism..,” I argued that PM Minimalism is “not merely simple-minded — it’s about PM essences.”  In this post I’ll answer a question I am frequently asked when people first hear about  PM Minimalism, namely:

  • Where does PM Minimalism fit with Agile, Scrum, Waterfall or other PM approaches “de jour“?

The short answer: They fit together nicely!  This video explains:

A PM Minimalist’s Perspective on Agile, Scrum, & Waterfall from PM Minimalist.

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The Origins of My PM Minimalism:

It’s Not Merely Simple-Minded… It’s About PM Essences

When you hear the word “minimalism,” do you think “simple-minded” or “superficial?” For me, the word “minimalism” is all about the essence… the critical core… that which matters most!  This nine-page PDF summarizes how the where to discount sale viagra PM Minimalist concept evolved out of my own quest to “strip down” PM to its critical essences — to find those key tools and practices that provide “just enough” PM to help your project team succeed. (Also included: An “audit trail” of the two-tracked professional experiences that helped shape my PM Minimalist world view.)

Image: Cover of PDF "The Origins of My PM Minimalism..." & Image of Greer's odd dual career



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Project Management is a Broad Human Practice, not Merely a Profession

In a recent post at The PM Hut titled Defending the Project Management Profession Bruce McGraw writes: “… having recently seen ads for fast, cheap and simple project management training and tools, I felt the need to state firmly my position on this matter… [that] project management is a profession and click here real viagra online project managers are professionals.”  OK. Fair enough. Then Bruce goes on to provide ample evidence that PM is indeed a profession.

But I feel compelled to add: “Yes… AND… project management is much more than a mere profession: It’s a broad practice undertaken by many, many of our fellow humans. And, as a broadly undertaken practice, there is a compelling need for ‘fast, cheap, and simple PM training and tools.'” That’s because the majority of PM practitioners are people who are just jumping in and getting the job done, without giving a second thought to the PM profession, PM professionals or their vocabulary and “shoulds.” And any tools or training that these people find helpful (including fast, cheap, or simple ones) are by definition valuable.

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worth-sharing.net — Pulling It All Together

This month I launched my new website, “Mike Greer’s WORTH SHARING.”  It’s designed to:

  • provide links to all my publications in one common site
  • provide some new, broader categories for capturing publications that don’t fit into my other four websites.
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June/July Issue of PM Minimalist Update Is Now Available

I just emailed my latest PM Minimalist Update to subscribers.  It’s loaded with articles, links, and more. Check it out here:

Highlights from this issue include:

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Project Management FREEBIES Website Marks Its First Anniversary!

Last July I launched my Project Management FREEBIES website. Since then the buy viagra professional 24h site has listed more than 99 PM FREEBIES! And there are more on the way every month. Click the image below to learn more.

Image: PM Freebies home page w/tabs open

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