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An Infographic: Worth Sharing… The Book


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Edited: September 1st, 2015

My New Book: Read all 300 pages online, for FREE!


Just published! My new book, Worth Sharing: Essays & Tools to Help Project Managers & Their Teams, is a 300 page eclectic compilation of practical PM tools, thought-provoking PM essays and suggestions for helping individual project managers and their teams stay sane while delivering good quality finished products. It consists of 54 Chapters and hundreds of live links to additional PM resources. Most of the chapters were originally published as blog posts through my websites and have never before been released in book form. (See for info on all my websites, blog posts, videos, etc.) A few chapters include some important, classic excerpts from my previous books.

The book is divided into six major Parts, including:

  • Part 1: The Meaning of Project Management (3 Chapters)
  • Part 2: PM Techniques (12 Chapters) 
  • Part 3: Working with Your Team & Maintaining Your Sanity (12 Chapters) 
  • Part 4: Peace of Mind (12 Chapters) 
  • Part 5: PM Leadership and Vision (7 Chapters)
  • Part 6: Of PM Skills and How They Are Acquired (8 Chapters)

You can read the entire book (all 300 pages!) online, for free. And it’s available in paperback & all ebook formats. Get details at my Worth Sharing website!


Edited: July 29th, 2015

Lindsay Chaffee’s One Simple Thing: Change Control

Photo: Lindsay Chaffee, PMP... aka @Project_Mom

Lindsay Chaffee, PMP... aka @Project_Mom

(The following article is part of our One Simple Thing…to Improve Projects series. It was contributed by Lindsay Chaffee, PMP. Lindsay is a certified Project Management Professional and lives in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. She is an avid skier and reader, as well as a loving wife and mother.  Lindsay works as an Implementations Project Manager for Innovest Systems, LLC, a financial technology firm that provides technology-driven solutions to trust and wealth management companies.

You can follow Lindsay on Twitter at @Project_Mom and learn more about Innovest Systems, LLC (@InnovestSystems) at )


Change is inevitable in projects. The word “change” can lead to misunderstandings, since it has so many meanings. However, the most common usage in projects refers to change as a change in scope. In this sense, scope change means a modification to the project’s original, agreed-upon scope and objectives in order to accommodate a need that was not originally defined.


Edited: December 4th, 2011