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5 Enablers of Team Success: A Universal Set of Minimum Project Requirements

Graphic: 5 Enablers of Team Success

Ever wonder what separates successful project teams from those that struggle or even fail outright? It’s a lot more than simply talent, energy and creativity. Without a solid enabling project infrastructure, even the best people can fail… or, at best, work needlessly hard in a project environment that fights them and saps them of their strength.

Learn how you can get the most out of your project team with the least amount of effort and frustration with these five key enablers… [Read more at my WORTH SHARING website.]

Edited: March 31st, 2017

Robert Kelly’s One Simple Thing: Roles & Responsibilities

Robert Kelly

(The following article is part of our One Simple Thing…to Improve Projects series. It was contributed by Robert Kelly. Robert is a Managing Partner of Kelly Project Solutions, Co-Founder of the #PMChat Community on Twitter, and author of his own blog Kelly’s Contemplation.

Robert is a certified PMP with over a decade of experience leading global projects at some of the largest financial services firms, the second largest PC manufacturer, and the largest provider of open source software. Robert can be found on Twitter at @rkelly976)


As I thought about Michael’s question “What’s one simple thing that can improve projects and/or project management?” I thought of communication, solid requirements, and value-added meetings.  Then I looked at what other folks were saying on the topic…. Andrew Budkiewicz mentioned a project management champion at the executive level, over at the #PMChat on LinkedIn Group.  Additionally, Kelly Kazimer and Lindsay Chaffee both provided some excellent posts on Time Valuation & Change Control, respectively.  After reviewing some of their insights and thinking more about some of the biggest headaches I have had to overcome, I finally settled on Roles & Responsibilities.  One thing is difficult!


Edited: December 20th, 2011