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My Teaching Assignment: Franklin University’s “IDPT 715: Managing Learning Projects & Relationships”

It’s official!  Starting January 7, I’ll be serving as an adjunct instructor for Franklin University‘s IDPT 715: Managing Learning Projects & Relationships. Franklin University Here’s the course overview from Franklin’s website:

“This course covers the elements that are essential to assuring the success of learning and performance projects including principles for managing relationships as well as project management tools and techniques. Students will study the principles of managing complex projects and teams to achieve results within project parameters in various organizational settings.”


Edited: December 15th, 2012

Really? My ID Project Management Book is a Collector’s Item??

So… Imagine My Surprise!

Every month or so someone emails me and asks where they can get a copy of my first book, ID [Instructional Development] Project Management: Tools and Techniques for Instructional Designers and Developers. I usually tell them that as far as I know the publisher has taken this book out of print. Then I explain that since that book’s publication in 1992, I’ve written & published 5 more PM books. And all of these are “agnostic” — designed to be used in any industry or any areas of specialization (including instructional design & development).  Then I simply recommend my latest book & support tools (The Project Management Minimalist) instead.


Edited: April 2nd, 2012