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Back to Basics: How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep


Are you trying to manage your teams and make good decisions while you’re wandering around bleary-eyed from lack of sleep?  C’mon, you know better! So take charge of your lousy sleep & do something about it!

The latest post at my WORTH SHARING website is loaded with links that will help you learn all about the field of sleep medicine, some free apps that can help you assess the quality of your sleep and some other tools to help you improve your overall sleep quality. Check it out! 

Edited: January 28th, 2015

New Article/Video: “Clarisketch: Narrate & Annotate Pictures for Teaching or Team Collaboration”

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This new post at my WORTH SHARING website introduces a powerful (and free!) app that you’re going to want to use with your project teams. Check it out:

So why visit my WORTH SHARING website? See:

Edited: September 28th, 2014

Free E-Book: One Simple Thing to Improve Projects or PM (An Anthology)

Image: One Simple Thing ebook on e-reader

Last November I invited visitors to this web site and other PM discussion sites to share “one simple thing…” that could improve projects and/or project management (PM). Many smart people with lots of different PM experiences took the time to think about, then respond to, this invitation.  This free e-book anthology is a collection of these responses. It includes:


Edited: February 22nd, 2012

January Issue of PM Minimalist Update Is Now Available

I just emailed my latest PM Minimalist Update to subscribers.  It’s loaded with articles, links, and more. Check it out here:

Subscribe today & get a Bonus zip file containing 15 PM articles or tools in PDFform (88-pages total!) plus a 37-minute PM podcast!

View Previous Issues of the PM Minimalist Update Online:

Edited: January 31st, 2012

Get the Entire Project Management Minimalist Collection “To Go” on Your Kindle, NOOK, iPad, or Other Mobile Device!

Image: The PM Minimalist Collection from Amazon's "Cloud"

Whoo Hoo!! The entire Project Management Minimalist Collection is now “in the cloud” and ready to download to your favorite e-reader, tablet,  or other mobile device.  The Project Management Minimalist book, Mentor (scripted meeting guides), Tutorial Videos, and MP3 audios can now be used with your Kindle, iPad, or any other device running the free Kindle App.   Use these team power tools to organize your project, run team meetings, train your PM newbies, educate clients & stakeholders, and generally stay on top of your PM game — Minimalist style!

Click here to see the full list of what’s available, brief overview videos, and links to product pages at Amazon.

Edited: January 26th, 2012

A Gift for You: A Free Project Management Book for Your Kindle, NOOK, iPad or Other Tablet / E-Reader

Image: PM Minimalist Quick Start Guide displayed on e-reader

Have you got a new Kindle, NOOK, iPad, or other e-Reader or tablet computer?

To help you celebrate that cool new toy, I’ve just prepared two new versions of  The PM Minimalist Quick Start Guide: a “mobi” version (used by Kindle readers) and an “epub” version (used by NOOK, iPad, & nearly all other e-readers/tablets).  And you can get them both for free!


Edited: December 19th, 2011

Using The PM Minimalist eBook on the iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, or NOOK

OK. So you’ve purchased The Project Management Minimalist... PDF eBook and you’ve downloaded it to you computer.  (Thank you!) Now how can you use it with your Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, NOOK? Below are links to resources that can help.


Edited: June 15th, 2010