NOTE:  Beginning in June of 2014 I began publishing all my new blog posts, articles and announcements at this “WORTH SHARING” website. My other websites remain available online as archived collections of articles, links and tools.

Why This Website?

Over the years I have published and maintained four separate websites:

As time passed, I discovered two problems:

  1. It’s hard for people to find all my blog posts — they are scattered among these four websites!
  2. I am finding it more difficult, as my interests evolve, to confine my blog posts, podcasts, videos, etc. to these four limited categories. I need some new “containers” for my publications!
So this “WORTH SHARING” website is designed to:
  • serve as a single outlet for all my new blog posts, articles, announcements, etc.   New items will be categorized and collected as a list of titles under the appropriate topic-related tab above (i.e., “PM Resources,” “Inspired Project Teams,” “PM FREEBIES,” “Best Free Training,” etc.)
  • provide links to all my archival publications in one common site
  • provide some new, broader categories for capturing publications that would not fit into my other four websites.

So: Welcome to this collection of ALL the stuff that I believe to be Worth Sharing! I hope you find something useful or enlightening here and that you take the time to share your thoughts in the Comments. I look forward to hearing from you!

— Mike Greer
— Contact Info — email: pm.minimalist[at]gmail[dot]com or go to myAbout Michael Greer” page at Michael Greer’s PM Resources website

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