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I created The Best Free Training blog to shine a light on some of the best free training and tools for the self-directed learner.* Since its launch in November of 2007, I’ve showcased hundreds of great courses, tutorials, videos, and support tools.

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** NOTE:  These and all new “Best Free Training” related posts beginning in June of 2014 will now published here at my WORTH SHARING website. See article “Convergence: Starting Now, It’s All Here!” for details.

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* I began my work life as an instructional designer/developer. I later managed instructional design teams as they worked to create the best possible training materials for major corporations. So I’ve learned to distinguish good training from bad! In these “Best Free Training” reviews I’ll help you find the good stuff!

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Below is a sampling of some of the reviews I’ve published as The Best Free Training. As you can see, we cover a broad range of topics!