Five PM Freebies That Could Transform Your Work Life! (And A Couple of Bonuses!)

The good news? I’ve created a whole bunch of stuff that can help project managers “go Minimalist” (PM Minimalist, that is!) and uncomplicate their project-based work lives. The bad news? It can be hard to find the most important free items that can get you started, considering all the video, audio, and print materials I’ve churned out over the years!

So to help you find the quickest route to PM Minimalist bliss I’ve pulled together some links to the absolute essentials. The free, no-strings-attached items below will help you:

  • Get acquainted with PM Minimalism
  • Learn to use some practical “hit-the-ground running” PM Minimalist tools to improve your projects
  • Help get others in your organization involved in the “simplify, simplify, simplify…” process of practicing PM Minimalism

Best of all… Everything here is free! Enjoy!


Download the PM Minimalist Quick Start Guide... It's FREE!

(The Quick Start Guide Supports individual project managers & their teams.)

The PM Minimalist Quick Start Guide is designed to get you started managing your first Minimalist project using a one-page checklist. Seriously! It’s the ultimate in PM simplicity! So check it out!

Download the FREE one-page reference, 10 Steps to Project Success!

(10 Steps to Project Success supports individual project managers & their teams.)

10 Steps to Project Success is a single-page quick-reference tool that summarizes each of the 10 steps to PM Minimalist success, along with specific results you’ll achieve when you successfully practice that step.

Learn more about the free PM Minimalist videos..

(The 8-Video Series… can be used with individual project managers & their teams.)

This free online video series will help you apply “just enough” project management to manage your projects effectively — without burdening your team (and you!) with a bunch of unnecessary PM administrivia. When used with the one-page reference, 10 Steps to Project Success (above) the videos can be used as stand-alone basic PM training.

Get the FREE 37-minute podcast introducing Project Mgt. Minimalism!

(“Become a PM Minimalist” podcast can be used by individual proj. mgrs. & their teams.)

 This 37-minute podcast is a succinct audio introduction to the PM Minimalist approach and each of the Minimalist’s 10 Steps (see above). You can stream it from the website or download it as free MP3 audio file.)

Download the PM Minimalist Integration Guide: It's FREE!

(The PM Minimalist Integration Guide can by used by individual project managers, project teams & the entire organization.)

If you decide you like the PM Minimalist approach and want to share it with the rest of your organization, the The PM Minimalist Integration Guide is for you! It will guide you through the process of gently integrating PM Minimalist PM tools and processes throughout your entire workplace.


Bonuses — More Free Stuff!

If you’re serious about bringing about a PM revolution in your organization, you should check out the info and tools below:


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