Free, Do-It-Yourself, Project Management Training: Upgrade Your Practical PM Skills or Study for PMP Certification

Whether you want to upgrade your practical PM toolkit or study for formal PMP certification, there are loads of free training materials available to help. So why not spend a few of those lazy summer days upgrading your PM capabilities?

Practical Skills

If your goal is to add to your personal stash of practical, ready-to-use PM skills, as opposed to simply pass the PMP exam, then you should start by deciding which specific skills and tools you are missing and which you need to polish or expand. With these in mind, make a list of the key words, topics and domains that you want to focus on. Then use this list as a reference as you sort through the materials listed below. Be ruthless! Don’t hesitate to “cherry pick” the lists, choosing only those items that will fill in your unique knowledge or skill gaps.

My “Vacation Makeover…” Collection

Last year I put together a link-filled guide to all the free videos, worksheets, podcasts and other materials I’ve created over decades to help new project managers. I share it again here:

Build Your Own Collection from the PM Freebies archives

There are hundreds of free PM resources from around the world listed at my Project Management FREEBIES website. One of the collections listed below might have just what you’re looking for!

The PM FREEBIES Podcasts/Webinars Collection

The PM FREEBIES Training Collection

The PM FREEBIES Books, Articles, Papers Collection

PMP Certification

If PMP certification is your goal, then you’ll need to find some materials that essentially “teach to the test.” And there are lots of great PMP certification training freebies out there!  It’s up to you to find the stuff that will fill in your unique knowledge gaps. As suggested above, you should start by making a list of the key words, topics and domains that you want to focus on. Then use this list as a reference as you sort through the materials available.

Below are some fairly comprehensive (and free!) PMP training materials that are listed at my PM FREEBIES website. Click on an image to get a brief summary of the item, as well as a bunch of deeper links to the materials themselves.

Bonus: Do-It-Yourself PM Certification for Your or Your Organization

If you’re a bit of a maverick and not particularly interested in jumping through PMI’s PMP certification hoops, I’ve got you covered!  In the documents below, you’ll find a step-by-step process by which you (or your organization) can identify and honor your own, unique PM competencies.


In this article I’ve outlined a mountain of mostly FREE resources that you can excavate to discover your own, custom-tailored PM training nuggets. Now it’s up to you. Use that summer “down time” to retool and kick your PM career into high gear. You can do it!

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