Geoff Crane’s Collection: 52 Tips to Break Into Project Management

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Geoff Crane, the creative force behind The Papercut Project Manager website, has “picked the brains” of some seasoned PM (project management) veterans to assemble an impressive collection of insights about how to get started in PM.* Here’s an excerpt from Geoff’s introduction to the collection. (Note: Geoff created this collection as a special gift for his students, the graduating PM class of 2014 from Durham College. How cool is that!?)

This ebook is divided into four categories. There’s “Find Your Job” which offers tips on how to land a job that will take you where you want to go. Once you’re working, there’s “Find Your Project” which offers advice on how to get involved in your first actual project, whether it’s official or not. “Find Your Skills” provides great information on how to become a better project manager once you’re at it. Finally, “Find Yourself” offers suggestions on how to become the leader you know you were meant to be… Fifty-two tips. One for every week of the year! … To the Durham College Project Management Class of 2014, I offer my biggest, squeeziest, hairiest hugs!!!! Congratulations, YOU DID IT!!!!”

Click here to check out the book online or download the PDF.

* NOTE:  My extended article “How to Get Your First Job in Project Management (PM)” was inspired by Geoff’s request for me to participate in this collection. Though Geoff was only able to use a portion of my original article, I’m proud to be part of this PDF! And I’m also glad he challenged me to do some serious thinking about this important topic! Thanks, Geoff!

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