Grace: A Powerful Video Search & Study Tool

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Below is a brief video tour of “Grace – Learn What You Love.” Grace is a free Android app for self-directed learners, available from the Google Play Store. It provides a powerful dashboard for navigating hundreds (thousands?) of online video sources (universities, online training providers, YouTube producers, etc.) according to your specific search terms.

Grace allows you to:

  • Consult Wikipedia while watching the video
  • Make & save your own notes about each video
  • Create custom-tailored channels & playlists of your own hand-picked videos from many divergent video sources such as universities, professional associations, corporations, etc. from all over the world.

So… stop wasting time with video search clutter! Let Grace help you go directly to the best educational videos on any topic & create your own, custom-curated playlists of the best stuff from all over the world!  (And did I mention it’s all free!! Whoa!)

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