How to Honor Fallen Warriors (2017)

(Originally Published on U.S. Memorial Day, 2015)

This holiday weekend in the U.S. we’ll hear much about those who’ve died for our freedom. And they surely deserve to be honored. But if our children and grandchildren are to live in a world with fewer senseless wars and casualties of war, they need to hear powerful anti-war voices. Because the best way to honor fallen warriors is to use the freedom they won for us to advocate for peace and teach the next generation how they can work for a more peaceful world. Here are some media and tools from previous posts that can help: 




Learn more:   Standing Army (2010)

WANT TO DO MORE? Then check out this list of Top 10 Charities That Support Veterans from CNBC… Then put your money where your heart is by donating and helping to pick up the slack between what our government is willing to spend and what veterans actually need!

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