Summer vacation? Take along lots of free books & magazines with these 5 apps!

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Get lots of FREE reading (and listening) material “to go” with these apps!

[This is the second article in my “vacation” series, suggesting some great ways to use your vacation down time. Other articles include On Vacation? Renew your spirit & recreate your enthusiasm with these 23 inspirational posts & podcasts & Vacation Makeover: Teach yourself Project Management with these (mostly) free materials!]

Summer’s here! And whether you’re going on an extended holiday vacation or just spending a day at the beach, these free apps will help you relax with some great free books, magazines or web-articles-to-go. Just download the apps, load them up with your own hand-picked content and you’re good to go!  And a couple of these will even read the book or article aloud to you… no sunshine-squinting at your screen required!

FBReader & Ivona Text-to-Speech


You can choose from  a zillion free e-books through one of FBReader’s pre-linked Network Libraries, then use the app’s powerful user controls to fine-tune your reading experience. Would you rather listen than read? Great! Hook up FBReader to one of Ivona’s powerful text-to-speech voices and lean back, close your eyes, and just listen! This step-by-step video will get you all hooked up!

OverDrive & Zinio


Got a library card for your local public library? Then you may be able to download many of the hottest new eBooks and magazines for free! This step-by-step video explains.



With your Pocket account you can capture and store any web page that your browser can see, then read it later offline. And if you’d rather listen than read, you can use Pocket’s text-to-speech feature to consume your content while you’re driving or simply resting your eyes. This step-by-step video explains. 

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