Vacation Makeover: Teach yourself Project Management with these (mostly) free materials!

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Got time off? Why not spend it retooling? Teach yourself Project Management (PM) & take charge when you get back to work!

[This is the first article in my “vacation” series, suggesting some great ways to use your vacation down time. Other articles include On Vacation? Renew your spirit & recreate your enthusiasm with these 23 inspirational posts & podcasts &  Summer vacation? Take along lots of free books & magazines with these 5 apps!]

Got some peace and quiet scheduled for your summer vacation or an upcoming holiday? Why not spend a few hours to retool and teach yourself some new project management (PM) skills? Or maybe you’d like to plot a revolution in the way your organization practices PM?

Below are some links to a bunch of great (mostly free) resources that can help you pick up some basic PM skills, fill in some gaps in your PM tool kit or plot your organization’s PM revolution. Check them out! Spend a little time with them. And get ready to take charge of those tough projects when you get back to work!  Enjoy! 

Some Self-Study Guides

Some Challenging Bonus Stuff

Tools to Help You Change PM in Your Organization


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